My family’s passion has always been the sea & travelling. Dad was a surfer in Newquay in the 60’s; nana swam all year round in Torquay, so it was inevitable that Lucy (my twin) and I would love the ocean.


Nana and grandad would drive to “the Continent” in their open roof car; dad rode his Lambretta across Yugoslavia with his mate on the back! Mum and dad took us to Portugal in the Kombi van in the 70’s so it was inevitable that Lucy and I would love travelling.

Leaving home at 18 and going to Australia it opened my eyes to the treasures you could buy in Bali and that feeling of delight and excitement I felt at seeing these Balinese gifts never left me. Whilst skiing in Tahoe the Gulf War started so a bunch of us grabbed a $99 return deal to Mexico and there I ignited my passion for buying and selling and my passion for adventure. I filled my backpack with $300 worth of gifts from Guatemala and on my return sold it on my market stall on the old traditional market in Padstow. This was the early 90’s.

Nana made coats out of blankets during the war to earn extra money, dad developed the first wetsuit from his diving suit to make the first GUL wetsuit in the 60’s and mum had an eye for antiques and interiors so my love for finding things to sell and my passion for colour and fabrics was “in” me.

My break came when Rick & Jill Stein gave me the opportunity to design a t-shirt for them to sell in their gift shop in Padstow. This led to them buying my silk designs which I had made in Vietnam and a few years later to Jill buying my knitwear which I have made by a friend who lives in a small community for unity in India.

30 years on I still sell at events and markets around the UK which I absolutely love, but having had shops the last few years, it has enabled me to diversify and expand my range . Nowadays Blossom cotton tunics, dresses, scarves and bags are as much a part of Blossom Clothing as my knitwear range . My aim is to expand and find more treasures to sell as I love my business and I’m excited to be back online reaching my fabulous customers who tell me how great they feel wearing my designs.

See you soon …